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Languages of Hope – A Communication Workshop with Desmond Cole

Voices of Today

We are surrounded by bad news, negative framing, and limiting language. We can often find ourselves reacting and responding to things we don’t want, instead of expressing what we need and wish for. Through examples from literature, news, and social media, we’ll identify and break down communication techniques that perpetuate harmful ways of thinking and understanding, and practice communication styles that express our hopes, desires, and dreams.

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Desmond Cole is an award-winning journalist, an activist, and an author. He has written for numerous local and national publications, especially regarding anti-Black racism and white supremacy in Canada. Desmond also hosts a radio show every Sunday afternoon on Newstalk 1010 radio. Desmond was awarded the 2017 PEN Canada Ken Filkow Prize for freedom of expression in Canada. His first book, entitled “The Skin We’re In” will be published in January of 2020.