A nude person wearing a fake beard and moustache, seated facing away from the camera, but looking back over their shoulder


rEvolver Festival

Can a man get in touch with his femininity without losing his balls? Meet Larry, from Moose Creek, BC. He’s “no idiom”, and he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s handier than a pocket on the back of a shirt!

Larry wants to prove to you that he’s worthy of a good woman, that he can quit cussin’ and even take up meditation. With dance, clown and physical theatre, award-winning artist Candice Roberts reflects social constructs around gender stereotypes while exposing our shared humanity. She examines her experience as a woman raised in rural BC in the 80s through her alter ego LARRY, a male character archetypal of those involved in her upbringing.

Bold, daring and uproariously funny, LARRY’s internal turmoil turns out to be more terrifying than he ever thought possible.

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