Two people in front of a neutral background - one is wearing a ball gag and has their arm around the waist of the other person, who is wearing an eye mask and is laughing with their head thrown back

Lauren & Amanda Do It

Toronto Fringe - Next Stage Festival

Relaxed performance.

Sexy, provocative and fuckin’ funny. Join Lauren, Amanda and musical accompanist Alli in a late night talk show about sex. Think The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but with one hot lesbian as The Roots, and two rad babes as Jimmy.

This multi-award winning show makes the uncomfortable comfortable. Let’s talk about birds, bees, fetishes, fantasies, ballgags, #metoo, love, bad dates and sex, baby.

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Content notes: Lauren & Amanda Do It is a partially improvised talk show about sex. This means that absolutely anything about sex can come up during conversation, including sexual violence, domestic abuse and sexual and gender politics.