A person on a brightly lit stage against a black background - the stage is covered in wooden sawhorses and the person in blurred in motion as they knock over some of the sawhorses

L’Homme de Hus

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

An adventure for performer and audience alike, Camille Boitel‘s raucous embodiment of the title character in this amazingly physical performance piece will have you laughing out loud one minute and staring in wonder the next. The premise is simple: Boitel wants to set up a table and chair, so he can face his audience. But in his skewed universe, nothing is simple. Everything—and we mean everything—goes horribly awry, as the acrobatic Boitel does existential battle with an ever-in creasing number of sawhorses determined to defeat him.

After starting as a funambulist in the circus, Boitel created the unforgettable character of L’Homme de Hus in 2002 as a man out-of-synch with himself who has a penchant for “disastrous and disastered” humour. His circus philosophy—“the insubordination of continuity, jubilation of imbalance, falling in love with vertigo…”—is an apt summary of the powerful, funny and poetic aspects of this amazing show.

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