An illustration of the character Little Witch, with two trees in shades of purple, against a grey backdrop with white spatters resembling stars. A black cat is in the tree on the left. Little Witch appears in white text behind the character and trees

Little Witch

Geordie Theatre Fest

Deep in the woods lived Little Witch, her beloved cat and her mother, Old Witch.  One day, the ailing Old Witch finds an ogre caught in a trap.  As a reward for saving him, Old Witch strikes a deal with the ogre to take care of her daughter when she is gone.  All too soon, Little Witch finds herself living in the ogre’s kingdom.  However, when Little Witch encounters the curious Hunter Boy near her new home, the ogre’s appetite takes over. Little Witch, helped by the sage words of her mother, is forced to make a choice: to save the boy, to save herself, or choose another path; a decision that illuminates the power she had within herself all along.

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