A panel of 5 photographs of two people performing dance with a crowd of people watching

Live Choreography: jes sachse and Alice Sheppard

Gardiner Museum

Part of the Community Arts Space: Recent Histories. In support of jes sachse’s I wanna dance with some body, British-born dancer Alice Sheppard collaborates with sachse for a live choreographic work. Chair and non-chair users respectively, Sheppard and sachse will explore how mobility is fundamental to public spaces and civic life.

Free. This program is a 20 minute performance which begins in the lobby at 7 PM and travels to the third floor at 7:15 PM, with brief remarks taking place after the performance.

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More information: Live Choreography: jes sachse and Alice Sheppard at the Gardiner Museum website

About I wanna dance with some body
Local artist and curator jes sachse addresses the negotiation of bodies moving in public/private space with a series of outdoor sculptures.

Reflecting on how bodies interact with the architecture of access, jes sachse’s I wanna dance with some body considers both the expressive and radical possibilities of the incline plane.

By envisioning ramps as more than the ubiquitous objects of universal design, this chorus of three, executed on an industrial scale, do not function in their typical modality. Their soaring angles challenge small, unnoticeable retro-fitted solutions at the back and side entrances of public buildings. Here, the negotiations of moving bodies rely less on building codes, and act rather as a site for conversation and individual bodily experiences.

About the Community Arts Space: Recent Histories
Inspired by the transformative aspects of ceramics, both real and metaphorical, the Community Arts Space is the Gardiner’s incubator for arts-based community projects. In collaboration with local artists, designers, and collectives, the Museum will mount five public projects that examine how cultural knowledge is passed on or performed, and the role of a museum in cultivating the so-called lived and living memory.