A photo illustration of a wide paintbrush painting a vertical stroke in orange paint. In the paint left by the brush, there is an overlaid image of a canoe on the shore of a lake with trees in the distance

Assassinating Thomson

Lunchbox Theatre / Inside Out Theatre

Bruce Horak is a critically acclaimed visual artist, actor and playwright who lives with just 9% of his vision. In this, his one-man tour-de-force, Horak delves into the mysterious death of famous Canadian painter Tom Thomson and the subsequent rise of the Group of 7. Art, politics, ambition, love and murder all take the stage in Horak’s compelling work. As he explores the facts and fictions around Thomson’s death, Horak shares his own story and the unique way in which he sees the world. And if that weren’t enough – while mesmerizing them with his words, Horak paints an original portrait of the audience at every show. Co-presented by Lunchbox Theatre and Inside Out Theatre.

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