Illustrated poster for Made in Italy, with a person wearing an orange collared shirt against a light blue-green background. There are cutouts in the orange shirt in the shape of hands with red fingernails and "Made in Italy" appears in white lettering at the top of the illustration

Made In Italy

Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Relaxed performance.

It’s the 1970s and Francesco is the only kid in his Jasper school with a three-piece suit and a lunchbox full of cured meats and aged cheeses. Torn between his father’s deep Italian roots and the desire to adapt to his new country, Francesco Mantini fights his way to a new identity, with John Travolta as his model. Will the family bond survive Francesco’s rise to fame as Frank Martin? In this funny and charming one-man play, the journey from Abruzzo to Alberta is rife with twists and turns.

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