A banner lit by four small spotlights and four round hanging lights, reading "Capitalism isn't working for workers - Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council"

Mayworks Halifax 2019 Opening Reception

Mayworks Halifax

Our opening reception will feature a medley of short presentations giving a glimpse of what’s to come in our 2019 festival.

Bread and Roses!
Treat yourself to some FREE bread from LF Bakery and Raspberry & Rose flavoured ice cream and sorbet from Dee Dee’s Ice Cream. Yum!!

Luyos MC
You’ll also be treated to the precolonial Kulintang sounds of artist and musician Luyos MC. Based in Southern Ontario, Luyos MC explores the traditional Indigenous music of the Maharlikan lands (which now includes colonized Philippines) to revitalize the appreciation of these disappearing sounds.

More information on the Mayworks Halifax website