Still from "Memories of My Body" - a person in a darkened room, seated on a bed with their elbow on their knee, with a person in the background seated in a chair

Memories of My Body

Inside Out 2019

Political and social upheaval in Central Java forces a closeted young dancer out into the world. There, he meets remarkable people as he struggles to come to terms with his emotional impulses and sexual identity.

Orphaned at a young age, Juno is drawn to dancing and joins a Lengger dance group. Lengger is a traditional dance form from the island of Java, where dancers play with fluid gender identity. In four beautiful chapters we follow Juno through adolescence into adulthood,witnessing his blossoming talent while exploring the more graphic nature of the dance’s origins as well as the men that surround him. Part political commentary, part dance film, part coming-of-age story, everyone that crosses Juno’s path steps into his narrative—his 1980s dance guru; a chiselled prizefighter engaged to be married, and a closeted politician.

Inspired by the life of famed dancer and choreographer Rianto—who also narrates the film—Memories of My Body sheds light on the buried trauma and complex life of an oppressed gay man.

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