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#MeToo: Dystopian Reality Shorts Program

Rendezvous With Madness Festival

In this fascinating, surprising and provocative shorts program, we encounter a collection of genuine and dystopic realities, which bring to light the emotional and physical dynamics of sexual assault within today’s patriarchal world. What truths unfold when the concept of harmony and safety is weighed against the value of self- assertion? And, where does this conflicting duality end… within the idea of controlling your own destiny (Rape Card)…amongst family (How the Air Feels)… between friends (When We Meet Again)… by a strange encounter (Meeting Between Two Parked Cars) or on a visit to the doctor (Males)? Or perhaps it is through the liberating act of material separation in a place where a woman leaseholder is unheard of? (Counterfeit Kunkoo).

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Counterfeit Kunkoo – Hindi with English subtitles (15 mins)
Rape Card (14 mins)
Treffen zwischen zwei parkenden Autos (Meeting Between Two Parked Cars) – German with English subtitles (26 mins)
Handjur (Males) – Swedish with English subtitles (6 mins)
How The Air Feels / All These F*cking Spirits (10 mins)
Når vi ses igen (When We Meet Again) – Danish with English subtitles (19 mins)