Photograph of a young Florence Burnier-Bauer

My Talk with Florence

Rendezvous With Madness Festival

As challenging a film as you are likely to see this year (or any year for that matter); this two-hour portrait of an abuse survivor at the hands of a lauded contemporary artist is sadly more timely than ever given recent overdue falls from grace throughout the arts and entertainment spheres.

“Shoah meets Sálò, debating about the freedom of 1968. A minimalist interview-film, dealing with one of the most disturbing life-stories of the 20th century. Florence Burnier-Bauer fled from the sexual and psychological abuse by her post-war bourgeois home into a vagabond life of crime and freedom. She ended up in the Austrian counterculture community Friedrichshof, led by the infamous Vienna Actionist artist Otto Mühl, where her own children were subsequently taken away and the cycle of violence and mistreatment continued. This is the narrative of a woman who needed 50 years to learn to say no. An oral history of abuse, resistance and survival.” – Austrian Films

Director in attendance thanks to generous support from the Goethe Institut Toronto. Screening to be followed by a panel discussion. 129 minutes. Canadian premiere.

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