A three dimensional cube made up of smaller cubes, with white, yellow and purple faces, against a bright pink background, with "National Access Arts Assembly" and details in purple and yellow block letters

National Access Arts Assembly Part One

Inside Out Theatre / British Council / Tangled Art + Disability

Inside Out Theatre, British Council and Tangled Art + Disability, with the support of Canada Council of the Arts, have joined forces to improve accessibility in the arts countrywide. By inviting artists, producers, advocates and audience members to join the conversation in our spaces, we hope to imagine possible cooperative futures for accessible performances in Canada.

In order to do this, we’re hosting two, three-day accessibility-based assemblies. Inside Out Theatre will host the first assembly in August, 2019 in Calgary, and British Council and Tangled Art + Disability will host the second assembly in Toronto in October, 2019. Our mission with these assemblies are to celebrate the great work that is already taking place with accessible performances, but to also determine how we can improve further within every community. With the first assembly focusing on coordination and organizing accessible performances, the second will cover the practice and training necessary to best host an accessible performance.

We are purposefully keeping the gathering small, with no more than 40 participants, to ensure there is space and time for everyone to actively participate.

Learn more about the assembly on the Inside Out Theatre website
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