Still from Another Feather in Her Bonnet, directed by Aki Pagratis

New Queer Canadian Cinema

Toronto Queer Film Festival

This eclectic program of documentary and narrative works offer a glimpse into a dynamic spectrum of queer and trans communities in our Canadian settler society. In Another Feather in Her Bonnet, Kent Monkman’s alter-ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle plays the bride in a wedding to famed designer Jean Paul Gaultier, using her attire to talk back to a particularly insulting form of cultural appropriation. Something beautiful emerges from Interphase, a splendidly rich animation. A sinister void stalks neurodivergent Gil in Hole. Farm Boy depicts a world of yearning and regret that hovers between dream and nightmare. In Behind Doors, a living saint receivers petitioners from all corners, but being sacred isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Battle Cry goes behind the scenes of the performance of a drag queen at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times theatre, blurring the line between process and result.

Co-Partner: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC)

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Another Feather in Her Bonnet. Dir. Aki Pagratis, 2018, Canada, 5 min.
Interphase. Dir. Kenny Tran, 2019, Canada, 2 min.
Hole. Dir. Gil Goletski, 2018, Canada, 6 min.
Farm Boy. Dir. Kalil Hadad, 2019, Canada, 17 min.
Behind Doors. Dir. William Vitória, 2019, Portugal/Canada, 17 min.
Battle Cry. Dir. Kyle Reaume, 2018, Canada, 15 min.

Image: Another Feather in Her Bonnet, Dir. Aki Pagratis