A smiling person on a bus, with their head resting against the head of a second person in the seat next to them. The second person's face is a blank outline, but they are wearing glasses.

No Box for Me: An Intersex Story

Vancouver Queer Film Festival

An estimated 1.7 percent of people are born with variations to their sex characterisitics that defy medical and societal perceptions of “male” and “female” bodies. Intersex people and their identities are still highly discriminated against in Western countries, where infants and children undergo nonconsensual surgeries, hormone treatments and blockers and genital mutilation. Many of their doctors and parents believe they are doing the child a service by modifying their bodies to fit within the socially constructed binaries of biological sex. Some parents are not even notified prior to the surgeries, and some are fed false medical information to encourage them to put their children under the knife.

This artful and courageous documentary follows two young people, M and Deborah, as they seek to reclaim their bodies and stand firm in their identities, revealing the limits and cruelty of hegemonic binary definitions of sex and gender. Despite the incredible physical and psychological toll they have been through, M and Deborah step into their power to become brave advocates for their community, and to live life with integrity and hope.

Preceded by
A Normal Girl
Intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis takes us on their journey to advocate for an end to intersex surgeries and the right for bodily autonomy for intersex people.

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No Box For Me: An Intersex Story | French with English subtitles
A Normal Girl | English