Cartoon illustration for "No Languages Allowed" with two people facing each other against a pale yellow background

No Languages Allowed

Montreal Improv / Seeing Voices Montréal

In conjunction with Seeing Voices Montréal, we are excited to, once again, to present No Languages Allowed! This exciting, exclusively silent improv show features Deaf performers from Seeing Voices Montreal, alongside players from Montreal Improv.

Featuring: Francois Fortin, Frank Birikundavyi, Hodan Youssouf, Jack Volpe, Kate Bradley, Laura Flynn, Mariana Vial, Pierre-Olivier Beaulac Bouchard, Ramesh Arya and Sylvain Lavendure.

Seeing Voices Montreal is a diverse group of volunteers ranging from native ASL users, native LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise) users, ASL students and other hard-working individuals from the Montréal D/Deaf* community.

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