Fresh and dried oranges on a table beside two puzzle pieces; one is orange with a yellow O and the other reads "O is for orange" with an illustration orange with branch

O is for Orange


‘O is for Orange’ showcases a collaborative meditation on the skin of the fruit body, through the act of peeling. To contemplate the aspect of touch in care work, the multiethnic orange body is chosen for how it gets held and peeled. For how its shape reminds the hands to create for it an enclosure, a coop. The relationship between the hands and the orange then forms a skin to skin relationship.

Now, there isn’t a hierarchy when we speak of touch, but perhaps one does emerge when we hold. Is the skin the protector or are the hands, as they unravel it? A group of care-workers and parents lend their voices and perspectives on care, comfort and control.

*An art & social practice initiative, in collaboration with posAbilities.

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