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Open Call for Participants: Deep Collaboration for Music Theatre – Part 1

603 New Musicals

Deadline: September 20, 2019

Here we go! 603 New Musicals is back and looking for new music theatre makers & artists in Toronto to participate in the first phase of a research-creation project exploring deep collaboration & successful radical vulnerability in collective creation! (Wow, that was a mouthful.) This opportunity is pay what you can.

Composers/lyricists/bookwriters/performers/musicians/artists are all welcome to apply, regardless of how much experience you have in your discipline(s). You do not have to come in with an idea or a project in progress, you will be creating from conception with the group. If you love learning from your peers, want to explore how you relate to collaborators, build healthier relationships with them and make more meaningful and fulfilling music theatre, we want your voice in the room.

More information and how to apply on Facebook

The program will include,

  • an initial gathering, approximately four hours long, to meet and get to know each other. There will be a lecture and a roundtable discussion.
  • a 24-hour process, which is when the group will put the discussions had several days earlier to practice and collectively develop a new 5-10 minute musical. The group may ask for prompts or creation guidelines from several types of categories, but they will not be given automatically. No member is required to stay awake for the full 24 hours – group members may go home, take naps, leave the space, etc. The 24-hour period will conclude with a performance for a limited audience.
  • a debrief session, held several days later, also approximately four hours long. We will discuss what happened, make further connections, learn from the process and decide how to move forward.

We are a team of d/Deaf/disabled/Mad artists and we centre members of the above groups in our leadership practices and while planning and executing our artistic projects. Please let us know if there is any additional info you need, you have any feedback for us, etc. We want to take everyone’s needs into account starting from the beginning of this process.

  • The facilitator is fluent in American Sign Language. We are unable to provide interpreters for this programming, but we are able to run the program in both English and ASL.
  • The physical space has 3 steps going up to the backyard and 8 steps going down at the entrance.
  • There is a cat that lives in the space, though it is possible to keep him in a separate room or find a cat-sitter for the sessions.
  • We will ask that our participants refrain from wearing scented products – we will provide non-scented products for those who require.

Contact us with any questions or other access needs you have, including extensions or alternate forms of submission!

Akiva Blaine is a Toronto-based disabled, Mad, queer theatre writer, dramaturg, educator, community builder and the Artistic Director of 603 New Musicals.

In his artistic and community work, Akiva explores themes of spirituality and religion, queer identity, disability, trauma, illness and recovery. To enhance the believability and complexity of his stories, he gravitates towards the deeply collaborative and co-created, immersive, site-specific, and all-encompassing theatrical experiences.