Open Sidewalk #3: The Accessible City

Sidewalk Toronto

An intentionally flexible city is accessible for every body, everywhere, and every day. People should be able to use things the way that makes the most sense for them, and we should build that flexibility and hackability into our spaces. That could mean adaptable furniture that can be repositioned, regardless of your strength or size, doors that can easily open, without requiring any particular dexterity, or technology that lets you access traffic signal devices with greater ease.

We don’t think one size fits most. One size fits one, and with technology, we can allow for dynamic flexibility in the city environment. Throughout history, the accessibility community has meaningfully pushed the fields of digital technology and computer science forward, and we want to formalize and encourage this throughout Quayside and beyond.

For us, it’s important that we address and begin this conversation now, which is why our third Open Sidewalk will focus on the theme of “The Accessible City”.

We welcome you to come and be part of co-creating a neighbourhood that can work for everyone.

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