Still from "Cleats" directed by Abdullah Şahin. Three childen on a suspended bridge against a sunset sky

Opening Night Reception & Shorts Screening Series

Human Rights Film Festival

Please note that this event is free for anyone with a ticket to 16 BARS. For everyone else, you can purchase a ticket in advance or for $10 at the door.

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Arabic with English open captions

Passion is a story about a young Yemeni kickboxer, Ahmed and what drives him to do the sport he loves, his fight to raise more awareness and try to bring peace back to his home country of Yemen. After spending time in jail for not wanting to fight in the war, he fled Yemen in 2018 in order to avoid a raging civil war that has now killed thousands and left millions displaced and on the brink of the world’s worst famine in the 21st century.

Turkish with English open captions

Iyas and Ahmet are two close friends. Emir, Syrian refugee completes the gang. Ilyas wants to make the tryouts for a local football team and saves money to buy new cleats. Emir shares his ideal. After seeing his father pays the debts of Emir’s family at the grocery store, Ilyas gives his new cleats as a gift to Emir in order to join to the tryouts. However, his own cleats tear up just after. The shoemaker gives him a bigger cleats temporarily. The tryouts morning one of Ilyas’ cleats drops to the river. When Ilyas and Ahmet try to take it out, Emir surprises them with what he’s done.

English with English open captions

After fleeing war in her home village, Mamusu Tarawalie learns how to educate others to help Sierra Leone would rise above violence.

The Dead Die Once
Arabic and English with English open captions

After settling into her new life in America, a Syrian refugee receives a visit from her past. Based on a story by Syrian writer Jehan Sayed Issa.

The Refugee Restaurateurs
English with English open captions

This is the story of Nadia and Mamba, a refugee couple from Burundi pursuing their dream of bringing African food to the heart of Detroit. After being forced to flee their home country because of Nadia’s human rights activism, the couple and their twin daughters started a new life in the United States. As Nadia developed a talent for cooking, Mamba joined her to become Detroit’s first East African restaurateurs…and together build their own American Dream.