A black and white archival photograph of a group of children in a classroom, with a semi-transparent green triangle in the bottom right corner, with "Revisionist Toronto" in white capital letters

Outliers on Tour

Myseum of Toronto / Tangled Art + Disability

Outliers on Tour is bringing the outsiders in. Bridging the peripheries of both Toronto’s borders and the ways in which Disabled artists must operate on the margins. Tangled Art + Disability is disrupting the dominant narratives of who is invited to define the city through a reflection of their Tangled on Tour program. How do our experiences as outliers help us shape new perspectives of an inclusive city future?

As part of the opening reception, there will be a performance by artist Michel Dumont. The opening remarks will be live streamed on Tangled Art + Disability’s facebook page starting at 6:45.

Outliers on Tour – Opening Reception on Facebook
Outliers on Tour – Artist Talk on Facebook