A circular illustration of skulls and flowers overlaid on an image of Persephone,

Persephone Bound

Geordie Theatre

Persephone Bound is an epic story of survival that follows a young woman’s journey through three vivid realms: The Underworld — a college party that holds the painful memory of her experience of sexual assault; The Court – a bureaucratic hell-sphere; and The River (Styx) — an internal space where, queen-like, she builds a well-spring of courage and strength.

Persephone Bound, a contemporary adaptation of the Greek Myth of Persephone, is a play that uses stunning poetry, percussion and aerial circus work to explore the need for education around consent. Please note that the themes/events addressed in this play are not represented explicitly and are referred to with respect to the subject matter and to whom anyone may relate. Recommended age: 13 and up.

A co-production by Geordie Theatre and Imago Theatre, in association with Screaming Goats Collective.

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