A person standing with arms oustretched on a lawn among lawn chairs, a small table, and a leafless tree

Qu’importe la gravité (Regarding Gravity)

Rendezvous With Madness Festival

Open captioned.

Regarding Gravity is a touching and poignant portrait of a friendship between two completely different people. Christian, 63, lives with a rare genetic condition that impairs his vision. Bruce, 71, is hard of hearing and bipolar. While Christian is usually calm and reserved, Bruce is boisterous and loud. Nevertheless, the two men share a big dream: to defy gravity and fly. Christian has become skilled at paragliding. Now, he wants Bruce to join him in this adventurous sport. Filmmaker Matthieu Brouillard meekly observes the two men as they passionately fight gravity while deconstructing the conventional notions of living with physical and mental disabilities.

There will be a discussion following the screening. 79 minutes. Toronto premiere.

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