Portrait of Raine Hamilton in front of a backdrop of green foliage

Raine Hamilton & Tamyka Bullen

Starlight Youth Festival

Raine Hamilton
Resonant, acoustic chamber folk with an other-worldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. Prism-clear vocals + strings; A combination of vocal agility and power.

Raine is part prairie songstress, part storyweaver; Each song has a story, delivered between songs with humour and grace. Raine invites her love of the violin into the singer-songwriter genre, writing for violin and voice, as well as for guitar and voice.

Tamyka Bullen
Tamyka Bullen has been involved in social services for women, immigrants, youths, and LGBTQA for many years. Recently she started involving in the theatrical world as an ASL poetry performer in 2015. She performed at different theatres and at different places until in February 2018, it was her first time to be an actress for Deaf That! and After the Blackout shows. Tamyka loves to craft and mingle stories, arts, poems, acts, and dance on stages to voice her feelings and thoughts through her hands, body language and facial expressions. Her motto: Embrace Yourself, Show Yourself!

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