The Raine Hamilton String Trio standing among cedar branches in front of a plain neutral backdrop

Raine Hamilton w/ String Trio

Raine Hamilton

The Raine Hamilton String Trio headed out on their first tour with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation in October 2018. Raine started presenting concerts with ASL interpretation in 2017, in consultation with the Deaf community. Raine believes that music is for everyone who wants it, and she is working to make concerts and the music community more inclusive.

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Raine’s new album, Night Sky (March 2018), tips between the earthly and the otherworldly; it is anchored in relatable lived experience, while reaching into the space just beyond, thinning the veil between here and there, affording safe passage to the rough and beautiful places.

Raine’s ethereal voice and lyrics are at the forefront of these powerful and relatable tunes, written both in English and in French. Alongside cello + double bass, and with Raine on violin or guitar, these songs have a moving string quartet feel with a cosmic reach.