Selina Thompson, wearing safety goggles and gloves, lit by a spotlight on stage and smashing a large rock with a long wooden pole


PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

The Transatlantic Slave Triangle connected Africa with Europe and the Americas; it was the transport route for innocent masses stolen in the name of racism and greed. Some of us look away from this tragic history, while others have the courage to face it head-on. Among the brave is Selina Thompson, and in this gripping performance she recounts her journey along one stretch of the route by cargo ship. Speaking directly to the audience, she holds forth on the past, both recent and distant; on confinement, both physical and mental; on the ways in which people forget and the choice they can make to remember…

Combining ritual, ceremony and oratory to powerful effect, Thompson’s work is as social as it is theatrical: she works to generate discussion about the ways we might heal and change. For all its communal power, though, salt. is an intensely personal work. It offers us large-scale history through the prism of one disquieted soul.

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