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Shift Change

Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Explore the heartbreaks and joys of the women who take centre screen in this program. Terminally In Love is a journey through the mind of Quinn, a neurotic stoner trying to get over her ex-girlfriend. In the program’s namesake film, Shift Change, Alicia and Vero work security in an art gallery guarding a sculpture that unexpectedly tests their compatibility. After a drunken hook-up, best friends Belle and Jesse have to deal with the consequences in Treacle. The Night Before follows Shae, a deaf South Asian bride-to-be, as she pays a visit to her ex-girlfriend, confronting repressed emotions and unanswered questions. Oranges is a sensuous meditation on a relationship, recalling the beauty of the beginning to make the end more bearable. In Rehearsal, Anna’s UK student visa is on the verge of expiration, so she and her girlfriend decide to get married—the only obstacle is Anna’s conservative Russian mother. Parker finds two lovers who flirted with others at a party tease each other during the ride home, both trying to brush off their jealousy. In The Half Wall, a couple’s argument about their bathroom renovation sparks a laughable argument. And Adeline tells the story of an elderly woman in a care facility, reminiscing about her first love. Misunderstandings and re-connections are portrayed with compassion, honesty and humour in these short films.

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Terminally In Love English
Shift Change | Spanish with English Subtitles
Treacle | English
The Night Before | English and ASL with English Subtitles
Oranges | French with English Subtitles
Rehearsal | English and Russian with English Subtitles
Parker | | English
The Half Wall | Norwegian with English Subtitles
Adeline | French with English Subtitles