Still from "The Bony Lady" - a person with chin in hand looking at a skeleton wearing an ornate costume, overlaid over a person's eyes and nose

Shorts: Thrive

Inside Out 2019

Dating, parenting and spirituality. This year, Thrive takes a closer look at these topics, featuring trans stories that go beyond our gender markers, and asking bigger questions about the human condition.

This program has 7 films.

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A poor, socially outcast Pakistani transgender woman sets out to take care of an abandoned baby.

A transgender woman tries to make it to the Miss Oregon audition but first has one quick stop to beat up some thugs.

Waking Hour
A trans woman is pursued by a potential lover at a party and must balance concerns about her safety and her desire for intimacy.

A young trans person living in a small town travels to the city searching for freedom.

Will I Say So
Two men are on a first date and each has a secret. Can they find the courage to speak the truth and accept one another?

The Bony Lady
A Mexican transgender woman and leader of the Santa Muerte Cult in Queens prepares for her yearly celebration of the Bony Lady.

Tell By Date
Ryan has something important to tell his seven-year-old son but comes up with every excuse to avoid it. He needs a “tell-by date.”