Still from "U for Usha" - two people walking down a rural lane with fields and trees

Shorts: You Can’t Hurry Love

Inside Out 2019

This collection of shorts is all about looking for love wherever you can find it…at your kid’s school, in your school, online, during a tarot card reading, or at your ex’s house.

This program has 6 films.

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The Date
Lizzy and Olivia might be total opposites but they do have one thing in common: they both swiped ‘right’ on each other.

U for Usha
Usha, a single mother and farm labourer in rural India, finds herself drawn to a female teacher who works at a local primary school.

A driven young female relay runner begins to question her sexuality when a new member joins the team.

Xiao Xian
Xiao Xian’s mother has put her in charge of finishing a dress and her daughter obeys, as usual. But when the girl’s best friend shows up looking to party, Xiao Xian can’t say no.

Love on the Cards
Frustrated by her failing love life, Tess turns to a tarot card reading for clarity.

The Night Before
On the night before her wedding, Shae pays a visit to her ex, Nikki, a woman she ghosted years ago.