A woman looking over her shoulder in the foreground; a church in the background

Step Into My World & Deafening Darkness

ReelAbilities Film Festival

Step Into My World:
A one-day shoot where the entire crew is deaf, except an aspiring hearing production coordinator who comes to work without knowing the life-changing experience that awaits him.

Deafening Darkness:
A Deaf woman searching for her missing friend encounters a mysterious alien struggling to come to terms with its traumatic past. Deafening Darkness is a collaboration between Deaf and hearing filmmakers, in the first all Deaf cast psychological horror of its kind to come out of Toronto!

Panel discussion: Deaf Films in the Making 5:45 – 6:30 PM

Tickets: Step Into My World & Deafening Darkness

For more information about the films: Step Into My World & Deafening Darkness