An illustration of a vintage television with two dials and two cables plugged into the front. On the screen are three faces with elongated necks disappearing down a sink drain

Swallowed Whole

Toronto Fringe

Picture this: a sketch series that draws from absurdist images of socio-economic issues, isolation, and fragile privileged entitlement, with the comedic wit behind “Mating Rituals” from last year’s Toronto Festival of Clowns.

3 actors, 20 characters, 3 bad celebrity impressions, 3 songs, 55 minutes, 1 is the loneliest number, 4+2=7. Rachel Parry brings her unique style to the stage for the first time in this collection of peculiar sketches, featuring three of Toronto’s most axolautlomatic performers!

Tickets on sale June 6th!

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