Collage image of birds and men kissing each other.

“SWITCH”: Postcard show and Fundraiser

BI Arts Festival


At the SWITCH postcard show, a variety of original, postcard-sized artworks on paper are displayed anonymously. It’s the show with a secret: the identity of the artist is only revealed after purchase (as the postcards are signed on the back only). Proceeds benefit the Bi Arts
Festival, building community through a celebration of bisexual visibility in arts and culture.

Postcards will be on display September 21-23rd, 2018, at a location TBA (Toronto, ON, Canada). All works are displayed anonymously; the identity of the artist is only revealed upon purchase.

Each original work will be sold for $40 (CAD) on a first come first served basis and the collector will take the work with them at the close of the weekend. Money raised supports the Bi Arts Festival – an annual event that celebrates bisexual visibility, culture and history. Click here for Entry Guidelines.