A view of children playing in the water on a beach with the words "That's so gay, uprising. June 14-August 17.

That’s So Gay

Gladstone Hotel

Join us for the Gladstone Hotel’s 8th Annual TSG exhibition; a group show celebrating new works by LGBTTI2QQ artists curated by Syrus Marcus Ware.

TSG: Uprising considers the ways that we mount (small scale/daily and large-scale global) uprisings through collaborative change making across the globe to fight for our self determination as queer and trans people with multitude interlocking experiences of marginalization- thinking about migration, disability, sexuality, gender and race and their intersections.

Uprising, refers to many things, descriptive of the kinds of massive protests, civic engagement and wide-spread calls for systemic change that we have witnessed across North America. Some of the most pressing of these calls to action have come from within the Toronto queer and trans communities.

The last year has witnessed dramatic arts-based displays of activism within Toronto’s Pride Parade by Black Lives Matter-TO, widespread support for INAC shut downs by Indigenous youth and ongoing actions in support of land defence and water protection.

Indeed, 2017 is a time for reflecting on these fires of change, burning bright and largely nurtured by LGBTTI2QQ and two-spirited activists and artists. We have witnessed unprecedented coverage of cross-movement building amongst Indigenous, Black and POC Two-Spirited and LGBTTI2QQ communities, collective struggle and the need to unify and call for creative responses to transphobic and homophobic violence that is dis-proportionally affecting Indigenous and racialized trans women. TSG: Uprising highlights the need for artistic engagement and responses to propel our activisms into a new dimension.

We have seen such a thrust towards right-wing conservatism across North America over the past five years, and in particular since the US election in November 2016. This conservatism threatens particularly vulnerable queer and trans community members across both the US and Canada, limiting our abilities to move and be in public space (proposed travel bans, limited border crossings, inability to access public washrooms for trans people, cuts to disability supports and the list goes on).

This neoliberal turn threatens artistic sustainability, freedom of speech and the survival of human on this planet. Now more than ever we need the to engage with arts-based activisms, artistic considerations of social issues and arts-informed problem solving.

TSG: Uprising offers an opportunity to imagine new ways of being together, of working together and of shaping the world together. The artists in this year’s show root their practices in social justice and liberation theory and offers us a way forward through to a world where we all get to be free.

Featuring artists: Raven Davis, Anique Jordan (Jashoba Jordan), Melisse Watson, Lynx Sainte-Marie+ Ciel Sainte-Marie, Andrew Mcphail, Mikiki Burino, Lindsay Fisher, Amber Williams-King, Vanessa Kwan, and Patchwork Mckenzie Rodney Diverlus Ella Cooper

See you at our OPENING PARTY on all 4 floors of the Gladstone Hotel’s exhibition galleries on June 22nd 7-10pm, in conjunction with 10×10 PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT (curated by James Fowler) and Pride Month in Toronto.

Join us on July 27th for the TSG Artist Pecha Kucha 7-9pm

Join us after the Opening in the Gladstone Melody Bar for after-party drinks, eats and fabulous beats by DJ Ace Dillinger!

ACCESS INFO: The Gladstone Hotel is located at the corner of Queen and Gladstone. The closest subway is Dufferin Station.

There is an access ramp at the front entrance and accessible washrooms throughout the hotel. There is an antique hand operated elevator that can fit about 4 people standing and 1 person seated with the lift operator.

Remarks will be in English, we are working to secure ASL interpretation at the moment.