One person in the foreground and two more people behind and to either side. The person in the middle is smiling and has bright green hair; the person on the left is wearing a black hat and looking at the camera, and the person on the right is looking up and out of the frame.

The BiG SiSSY Show: The Message

Rhubarb Festival

This afro-futurist, queer rock opera charts alien witch BiG SiSSY’s journey from Black Starr Planet to Earth to liberate us from our oppressive systems.

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Starting at 8pm, there are shows happening in both spaces at Buddies (the Cabaret and the Chamber), so when you arrive at the theatre pick the show you want to see first, and 30 minutes later when it’s done you can either stay where you are or move to the other space for your next performance. There is a different set of shows each week – so keep coming back. There are also exhibitions in the building that you can only see before the shows start, so be sure to show up early.

And remember, shows at Rhubarb are not individually ticketed. So that show you want to see at 9:30? If you just show up at 9 you will probably be out of luck and all the tickets were sold to people who came for the whole evening.

Tickets: Wednesday-Saturday – $20. Your ticket grants you access to all of the performances on a given day. Call the box office at 416-975-8555 or