A person wearing a white lace wedding dress, wearing silver handcuffs with their hands clasped together

The Good Bride

Evergreen Cultural Centre

The Good Bride is a one-woman comedy about a Quiverfull Christian girl. As 15-year old Maranatha waits excitedly for her 28-year old fiancé to carry her off to their wedding, we catch a glimpse into a teenage girl’s thoughts on love, sex, and milkshakes — and watch her pray to a God she loves without question. But as she’s made to wait, night after night, will her faith uphold? Inspired by true events. A co-production by the Firehall Arts Centre and Alley Theatre.

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Vancouver-based playwright Rosemary Rowe spent years ‘undercover’ on Quiverfull Christian women’s blogs and internet chat-rooms — listening to their experiences and discovering how their closed-door societies operate. During a time of US anti-birth control legislation, the #metoo movement, and rise of fundamentalism —The Good Bride strikes a vital balance of brutal truth mixed with absurd hilarity.