Still from "The Great Mother" - two smiling people looking at another person facing away from the camera

The Great Mother

Human Rights Film Festival

Nora Sandigo is the legal guardian of over 2,000 US-born children of undocumented immigrants. She holds the unwavering goal that if the parents are deported, she can keep their children out of foster care and keep alive the hope of reuniting. In a time when stories of families being separated at the border abound, The Great Mother is a powerful and poignant statement that everyday citizens have the power to change lives. Directors Dave LaMattina and Chad Walker follow Sandigo and the youths under her guardianship as they navigate the American landscape, facing the obstacles of being an immigrant and the devastation of Trump’s election. With the 2020 US elections close by, The Great Mother sets off a timely discussion of immigrant rights and shows how one ordinary person can make an extraordinary difference.

Nora Sandigo (subject) in attendance for post-screening Q&A.

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Content Warning: Mention of child seperation and violence.