Two smiling people in a sailboat on a sunny day, with hills and small buildings visible in the background on shore

The Joy of Sailing

Ascent Films / BC Culture Days

This episode of AMI’s “Our Community” tells the story of the Okanagan chapter of the Disabled Sailing Association BC. The organization is made up of a group of passionate individuals who love helping people with disabilities to discover and enjoy the freedom of sailing on an open water, the closeness to nature and her elements, the camaraderie with others, the excitement of speed, and the fun of competing. This episode introduces six very different sailors and their stories, as well as the (former) executive director of the association. The association’s motto “If you can breath, you can sail…. and if you cannot breath, bring your ventilator”, is a perfect description of their attitude towards people of all abilities who would like to try sailing. Please join us in watching their stories on “The Joy of Sailing”.

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