A grey wall with orange, purple, white, yellow and green graffiti, reading "You are not in the lobby - this space reserved"

The Lobbyists

Chinook Series

Relaxed performance.

Somewhere in-between performance, installation, and site specific squat lie The Lobbyists, a yearly collective of interdisciplinary artists charged with the task of awakening spaces, both on the Festival site and in the city surrounding. This year, the relationship between community and art is being teased apart by an outstanding ensemble of creators, performers, and instigators: Yvette Prefontaine, Cynthia Sentara, Dhana Cartmell, Brooke Leifso.

In addition to live performance, The Lobbyists are also honoured to feature and engage with the dance film A Provocation on Wheels by Shay Erlich and Jenna Roy. Wheels represent possibility and plurality: the space between motion and stillness, the balance point between safety and risk, and how imagination creates opportunities for new motions to emerge. In animating the inanimate device, the user is in turn animated, perpetuating motion, relationships and explorations.

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