Promotional image for the Mind Palace with a white mannequin head wearing a wig made from purple textured textiles with pink and blue accents against a white background

The Mind Palace

Momo Movement

Momo Movement presents The Mind Palace, a co-created contemporary performance exploring the imaginations of our ensemble members. This fantastical show will take you on a journey through the landscapes, emotions and visions of each individual. Prepare for the unexpected.

Featuring set design and and costume pieces by artists from the Indefinite Arts Centre, music by Eric Smith, and an accessible theatre experience for every body made possible by Inside Out Theatres’ Good Host Program.

Concept co-created by the Momo Movement ensemble and Kyra Newton. Choreography by Kathy Austin, Shannon Parker, Chawna Exner and Kyra Newton.

More information and tickets

To make arrangements to purchase tickets in cash, please call 403-452-1220.