The Storefront Theatre

The Storefront Arts Initiative is a not-for-profit arts organization that has created a cultural hub for the INDIE ART radicals in the Storefront Theatre at 955 Bloor Street West in Toronto. The Initiative provides opportunity to the independent arts field by providing affordable venues to creators and annually curating a distinctly unique selection of performances and plays reflective of the diversity of our province. Storefront curates work that is artistically risky and challenging while creating new jobs in the arts sector by establishing a new and radical engagement model.

SFAI is calling for thought-provoking, groundbreaking, experimental, original art from ALL mediums. SFAI wants musicians, performance artists, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, theatre artists to apply with work that asks BIG questions and that seeks to CHALLENGE social and societal norms. Think of our Storefront Space at 955 Bloor St. West in downtown Toronto as an artistic sandbox and help make it THE hub for multidisciplinary art and a nurturing space for a variety of artistic voices.

SFAI is committed to the principles of social justice, inclusion and diversity. We acknowledge this is ongoing work and we are in a continual process of learning in order to create a space that is inclusive and welcoming for all artists. We strongly encourage artists and collectives from under represented and marginalized groups (Indigenous artists, artists of colour, D/deaf artists, disabled artists, mad artists, sick artists) to submit.

We are actively interested in working with, and developing relationships with, other independent theatre companies, artists and arts collectives whose projects and practices address any of the following topics and areas:

Speaks to issues of inclusion within the Canadian population, and especially Toronto audiences
• Engages with cross-cultural dialogues, themes, lifestyles and ideas
• Theatrically compelling and willing to be controversial, challenging and provocative
• Uses technology and theatrical conventions to create a strong scenographic vision.
• Work that is created by, or addresses lifestyles and issues faced by, D/deaf artists, disabled artists, mad artists, sick artists, artists of colour
• Addresses issues of environmental activism, pollution, global warming
• Work that is created by, or addresses lifestyles and issues faced by, Indigenous peoples in Canada or abroad
• Re-imaginings of narrative technique, non-narratives, interactive, immersive, events and happenings that offer something different or compelling with the theatrical form.
• Work that is created by, or addresses lifestyles and issues faced by, people who identify as LGBTQQIP2SAA
• New works and collective creations.
• Work that incorporates artists and practices from across generations
• Work that considers space, the ethos and politics of storefronts
• Work related to the politics of performance

Submission Requirements:

Please fill out this application by SUNDAY DECEMBER 18, 2016. If you have any questions or require assistance with this application, please contact Video submissions are also welcome.

Here is a pdf version of the application for reference purposes. Please fill out the online form.

Thank you for your interest in working with The Storefront Theatre, we are excited to work with you!

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