A group of young women wearing shorts and t-shirts, posed in a group on spotlit astroturf with a hazy background. Some are standing with their hands on their hips, some are crouching, and one holds a soccer ball under her arm. The Queen's University logo is in the top left, Dan School of Drama & Music logo is in the top right, and "The Wolves" appears in white block letters at the bottom right, with the "O" as a soccer ball

The Wolves

Dan School of Drama & Music

Relaxed performance.

Set in an indoor soccer facility, with live-action soccer on stage, Sarah DeLappe’s play The Wolves is an urgent and timely ensemble piece depicting an all-girls soccer team tackling pressures, insecurities and loss. Focused entirely on the warm-up period before games, DeLappe achieves a remarkable variety of tone and ideas that yield rich and nuanced portraits of the players. The play moves through the paces of each character’s development with overlapping dialogue and intense physicality and by season’s — and play’s — end, the girls find their footing in life and on the field as warriors. Tested and ready, they emerge united with grace in the face of unapologetic ferocity – they are The Wolves.

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