Promo image for Young Ones, with a brown cartoon bear on its side on the right, in a rectangle with a pink circle, all on a bright yellow background "Sum Theatre presents Theatre in the Park 2019 - The Young Ones, July 2-25" appears on the right

The Young Ones

Theatre in the Park - Sum Theatre

The earth is in a terrible way. The sun is too hot. The land is too dry. But the Young Ones are looking for hope.

Join us in a park near you for The Young Ones, written by Yvette Nolan and adapted by the Sum Theatre Ensemble. Theatre in the Park is a summer tradition for many people in Saskatchewan. It is suitable for all ages and FREE of charge. Everyone is welcome.

Come an hour early to do a free craft with the Nutrien Wonderhub!

Theatre in the Park runs July 2 – 25 in 24 different parks around Saskatoon.

More information on the Sum Theatre website