Three chimpanzees on three coloured panels (orange, blue and green). The first chimp is covering its eyes, the second chimp is plugging its ears, and the third chimp is holding a finger up to its lips. "Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition" appears in black text along the top

Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition

SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

It’s back! SOUND OFF and Rapid Fire Theatre return for our 4th year running to bring you more of our unique brand of hilarity! Watch as two teams, each with a mixture of Deaf and hearing improvisors, go head-to-head in a battle for the senses. As always, in the SOUND OFF Edition language is forbidden! Each team cannot use signs or speech and must boldly act out your suggestions with the physical limits of their bodies alone.

Featuring the knee-slapping improvisors from Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre along with uproarious performers selected from SOUND OFF’s shows, this improv event is sure to leave you SPEECHLESS with laughter!

One show only!

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