Three actors on stage - the actor in the foreground is wearing a blue t-shirt and using a power wheelchair, the actor on the left is in the background with their arm raised, and the actor on the right is wearing a green eye mask and holding up what looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle doll

This is the Point – On Tour

Ahuri Theatre / The Theatre Centre

This is the Point is a joyous and unflinching portrait of four individuals whose lives have been shaped, in part, by cerebral palsy.

Dan and Christina are parents searching for the best way their disabled son Bruno can share his voice. Tony is a non-verbal adult who won’t shut up. Liz is his long-time romantic partner grappling with the judgements that society makes about their love and sexuality. Through a series of staged conversations and theatrical reenactments, these two couples draw from their personal lives to explore and debate questions of representation, the nature of companionship and whether people of different abilities can ever connect with each other on equal terms.

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This new play has been developed through the 2 year residency program at the Theatre Centre in Toronto. It incorporates high and low tech augmented communication aids (devices used by non-verbal people to express themselves), as well as projected live video feeds, to create a heightened naturalistic style that simultaneously connects and contrasts the physical body with the technologies we use to communicate.

January 11
Peterborough – Market Hall Theatre: tickets

January 29-February 2
Vancouver – The Cultch

February 14-16
St Catharines – First Ontario Performing Arts Centre: tickets

February 22-23
Oakville – Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre: tickets

February 26-27
Mississauga – Living Arts Centre: tickets

March 1-2
Brampton – The Rose Theatre: tickets

March 6-10
Kingston – The Grand Theatre: tickets

March 15-17
Burlington – Burlington Performing Arts Centre: tickets

March 28-31
Kitchener/Waterloo – Theatre for the Arts (University of Waterloo): tickets