Two actors on a stage set with living room furniture and large carpets. One actor is seated in a power chair, facing the camera, and the other is seated on a round coffee table, facing away from the camera. There is a projection in the background of a detail from The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

This is the Point

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

This “play about love, sex, and disability” runs the gamut from joyous celebration to unflinching drama as it paints a collective portrait of real-life individuals whose lives have been touched by cerebral palsy. Dan and Christina are parents searching for a way in which their non-verbal son, Bruno, can share his voice. Tony, a non-verbal adult, and Liz, his long-time romantic partner, grapple with the judgments that society makes about their love and sexuality. Questions of representation, the nature of companionship, whether people of different abilities can ever connect on equal terms—all are explored here.

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Directed by Karin Randoja, this Dora Award-winning production incorporates high- and low-tech augmented communication aids (devices used by non-verbal people to express themselves) as well as projected live video feeds to create a heightened naturalistic style. Anchored by outstanding performances, This is the Point is an eye-opening and occasionally disturbing but ultimately life-affirming experience.

Content note: Includes scenes depicting physical and sexual violence.