Two people in bright clothing with neon accents on a stage in front of a crowd of people on a sandy beach with pink beach umbrellas

Til Sunrise: A Toronto Island Party

Pride Toronto

Toronto’s very first Pride-style celebrations happened on the island in 1971, so we thought, “What better way to celebrate our own history than by heading back to where it all began!” ’Til Sunrise is an all-day dance party and celebration happening at Gibraltar Point. After arriving on the Hanlan’s Ferry, take the vintage bus to our hidden tropical paradise, where you can soak up sounds from Latinx superstar DJ Djon, big anthem expert John Caffery, feel-good house music healer Phillippe. There’ll be even more DJs, special performance and a surprise guest we’re keeping a secret to light up the night sky. You’ll also be able to sip cocktails – including specialty concoctions from our pals at Sauza Tequila – and check out custom art installations. Partygoers will have access to the grounds, the Artscape Gibraltar Point building, and the beach. Bring your bathing suits, towels, and sun hats for this gorgeous day that dips its toes in the past yet full-dives into our queer future! Get your tickets at

Tickets: Pride Toronto: Til Sunrise Island Party Tickets

For more information: Til Sunrise at Pride Toronto and Til Sunrise on Facebook