A young person standing facing library bookshelves filled with books, looking into a bright glowing light, surrounded by a seagull and open books that appear to be floating in the air

Torn Through Time

Manitoba Theatre for Young People

Relaxed performance.

Jess is in the middle of a writing assignment on one of her heroes and it’s not going well. Frustrated, she rips the pages out of a library book that include three important, but relatively unknown women, who became historical trailblazers: Thanadelthur (a Dene peacemaker from the 1700s), Helen Harrison (one of the first Canadian female pilots from the 1920s) and Rose Fortune (the first North American female police officer from the 1780s). Jess has to figure out a way out of this time-bending predicament, and in doing so, discovers something about the nature of heroism.

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