Two people in a greenhouse with tropical plants in the background. The person on the left is wearing bright pink makeup over one eye and touching a pink orchid in the foreground. The person on the right has red makeup over one eye.


Vancouver Queer Film Festival

This sci-fi anthology feature film is composed of seven stand-alone short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight and thrive. A girl in love uses her third eye to defend her relationship; a business professional resists capitalist patriarchy with a magic connection; bullies are defeated with a sacred dance; politicians are brought into submission with spells; and supernatural beings find intimacy with the earth. The omnibus format of this film celebrates a diverse array of cultural, spiritual and science fiction traditions, honouring the many ways queer and trans people of colour connect to our inheritances in the face of oppression.

The films, all written by a different team of QTBIPOC artists, are guided by a singular vision by director Neelu Bhuman, strung together by poetry and gorgeous animation. It features the voices and talents of an array of emerging and established queer and trans people of colour performers, including D’Lo, Harmony Santana (Gun Hill Road, 2011), Carmen K Moore (Drunktown’s Finest, 2014) Blossom Brown, Skyler Cooper and Davia Spain.

Director Neelu Bhuman will be in attendance for a Q&A.

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K and L are cultural conservationists working in a not-so-distant future to preserve the artifacts and histories that are being systematically destroyed by a totalitarian government. When they are in a deadly car accident, time splinters into parallel realities, and they embark on a search between worlds to find each other again.

Actors and writers lee williams boudakian and Kamee Abrahamian will be in attendance for a Q&A. And don’t miss their workshop, QTBIPOC Futures with Kalik.

Transfinite | English
Transmission | English