A performer in a bright costume with red, orange, burgundy and brown strips of fabric, and yellow and red striped tights, holding on with their arms and legs to a structure made with pipe and ropes


Femmes du Feu / WeeFestival

TWEET TWEET! is a 30-minute contemporary circus performance experience for our youngest audience, age 0-5 years and their caregivers. The show takes place on a magical tree apparatus (built by Upstage Fabrication Inc. and Kelsey Carriere), with 2 nests and 2 wood swings hanging from the branches. The performers move from the nests, up into the aerial tree canopy, through the rope tree trunk, and on the floor. There is a large forest floor carpet that lies under the tree branches for the audience to sit and lie on.

Touch tour at 1:30 PM. Show begins at 2 PM.

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