Video still from Gems and Minerals, 2018 by Diane Borsato.

Vernissage: Automatisme Ambulatoire: Hysteria, Imitation, Performance

Owens Art Gallery

Vernissage for the opening of the exhibition Automatisme Ambulatoire: Hysteria, Imitation, Performance, curated by Amanda Cachia

Works by Diane Borsato, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Claire Cunningham, Brendan Fernandes, Every Ocean Hughes, My Barbarian

“Automatisme ambulatoire,” or ambulatory automatism, is an expression that conjures notions of the compulsive traveler, while simultaneously implying irresistible urges and movements, such as grimaces, tics, and gestures, often linked to physical pathologies. The artists in this exhibition were invited to consider such gestures as a performative style, one that might work to subvert, undo, transform and reimagine the body and language, both real and imagined. Featuring six new works commissioned specifically for this project, the exhibition aims to question, challenge, and complicate the ethical and moral boundaries of “imitation” and how the so-called “pathologized” body might be considered in new, contemporary social and cultural contexts.

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